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Anxiety/OCD Reduction Specialist Certification


Your instructor, F. Rady Kat

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Melbourne, Australia

Sat, Sun - August 26th and 27th

Hosted By: The Australian Academy of Hypnosis


U.S. Date: To Be Announced

Times: 9:30 to 5:30 with one hour lunch break each day.  You can bring your own or there are several places nearby to eat.


Location: MN Institute of Advanced Communication Skills

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Why This Class Is Crucial To Your Success


Anxiety rules and ruins the lives of millions of people.  Out of control anxiety can, and often does lead to OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)


Furthermore, since 9/11, anxiety has invaded our nation and so now many more people now need your skilled help in dealing with an uncertain world. 


Anxiety disorders often cause spin-off problems such as alcoholism, depression, poor work performance, poor relationships, low-income and very low self-esteem. 


The list of miseries and problems caused by anxiety disorders is extensive and heart-breaking for those who suffer from them.  Imagine how many problems a person has that will gently vanish as you help them to overcome their anxiety.


Hypnotists and other healing care workers often fail because they are sabotaged by their clients anxiety disorder(s) (including OCD) which many times are not apparent. 


Anxiety has many different faces that unless a healer can recognize them and skillfully deal with them, their efforts to help their clients will often fall short of total success.


Working with OCD and anxiety disorders in general, is a delicate and multi-level process that requires sensitivity, intuition and the right training. 


Your new certification is giving you what you need.  You are receiving specific and unique training on how to discover and ameliorate your client's hidden saboteur. 


You are also learning about the wide variety of anxiety disorders so that you can recognize and work with each one so that your client is free to pursue a life they could only dream of having.


Please note: This class is not designed to replace responsible, traditional medical care.  You are being trained to work in a complementary, helpful manner with your client's existing health care team. 


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If your client is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you must get a doctor's approval before working with them.


Also be aware that your work will very likely give your client the most valuable thing they need: realistic hope for recovery. 


This certification workshop is based on the book, Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis: New Answers for Those Who Suffer In Silence


The workshop will give you powerful tools to help your clients meet, overcome and ultimately thrive from their anxiety-stress challenges.


Helping a person to free themselves from anxiety is like helping them get out of a prison they were unfairly put in—it is liberating! 


What Else You Will Learn


*Anxiety and What It Really Is


*Anxiety Prone Personality Traits and Types (very revealing information)


*The Anxious Brain—The Inside Story How The Body “Does” Anxiety  (Must know information)


*Types of Anxiety Disorders including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


*The Concealed Trap That blocks most efforts to recover from anxiety/OCD Medications related to anxiety


*A Drugless Method of Curing Anxiety/OCD with an 80% Success Rate


And so much more!


This is a life-changing workshop that will move you in so many ways to new levels. 


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Location: MN Institute of Advanced Communication Skills

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Tuition for Anxiety Reduction Specialist


Tuition includes the book Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis: New Answers for Those Who Suffer In Silence.  (A $30.00 value).  You will receive your copy during the first day of class.


Regular Tuition = $395


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